Perfect Pool Glaze offer a complete range of swimming pool painting services. We can transform your old pool and Swimming Pool Paintingmake it look like a new pool again.

It doesn’t matter what shape or condition your existing¬† pool is in, we can empty the pool, prepare the old surface and refinish your pool to your new requirements.

We offer professional advice and free quotes, and also cater for insurance work relating to swimming pools and pool equipment.

Perfect Pool Glaze only uses premium quality pool paint. We use and recommend  Luxapool Swimming Pool Paintsthey have a wide range of colours and you can read all about them below.

Information supplied by Luxapool Surface Coatings.

Luxapool (2-pack) Epoxy Swimming Pool Paints

Luxapool (2-pack) Epoxy Pool Paints are excellent for all new swimming pool applications and can be used to give a beautiful luxury finish to older pools.

Luxapool Epoxy Pool Paints are also well suited to application over old and new cement render, fibreglass, marblesheen and also previously painted epoxys.

Once cured, Luxapool Epoxy Pool Paints provide a smooth and hard surface which is very easy to maintain.

All Luxapool Epoxy Paints feature a durable finish with improved resistance to chalking, resistance to the effects of salt-water and chlorinated chemicals, is algae controlled and safe for use with fish and mammals.
Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint ColoursEpoxy Paint Colour Range
Swimming Pool Paint DocumentationPool Paint Data Sheets & Application Guides

Luxapool Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paints

Luxapool Chlorinated Rubber Paints have been formulated for use over old or new concrete based swimming pools. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray, displaying excellent adhesion over sound previously painted chlorinated rubber coated surfaces.

It has been especially formulated to resist the destructive effects of swimming pool chemicals and has a well proven record of longevity along with durability.

Luxapool Chlorinated Rubber Paints feature fine sealing properties and a hard satin surface finish which is easy to maintain, resistance to salt-water chlorinated chemicals and is algae controlled. It can be easily re-coated when desired.
Pool Paint Colour RangeChlorinated Rubber Paint Colour Range
Epoxy Pool Paint FilesPool Data Sheets & Application Guides

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